Member and Patient Engagement

Members and Patients expect the same type of digital experience with their health plan and providers that they receive everyday with google, amazon and their social media channels. Why not? The technology exist and Virsys12 has the experience to assist your organization get there. 

Healthcare organizations who serve members and patients and desire to drive healthcare forward by proactively managing health, eliminating health inequities, and serving their communities understand that creating an engaging healthcare consumer experience is key! 

Member and Patient Engagement that provides a helpful and informational self-service model, as well as, allows your team to digitally engage real-time to answer questions, schedule, refer, and educate and serve the community are used by organizations that understand how to move healthcare forward. Virsys12 believes in transforming healthcare one client organization at a time by help you meet your member and patient engagement goals. 

Our team knows healthcare and Salesforce. Let’s transform the industry together!

Member and Patient Digital 360

Patient Engagement

It is time to activate your patient engagement activities and get patients back into their scheduled appointments and surgeries. Community outreach to serve and education your patients about health living and the importance of annual health visits is easier than ever with Salesforce Health Cloud Marketing Cloud and Virsys12. Activate your call center and digital front door and build loyalty with the patients in your community!

Member Engagement

Now is the time to proactively serve your members with outreach, education and support. Members expect a digital experience like Amazon from their health plan. With Salesforce Health Cloud and Virsys12 for member engagement and call center functionality, a digital front door is modern, fast and easy.

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