Provider Network Management

Automate the provider journey with an enterprise approach for end-to-end provider lifecycle management

What is a Provider Network Management Solution?

A Provider Network Management solution (also known as Provider Lifecycle Management) helps health plans and health systems maintain and organize provider data in real-time to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date provider directory output. To accomplish this, an enterprise provider network management solution should also help automate core provider workflows such as network development, onboarding, credentialing, contracting, network operations, and master data management. 

At Virsys12, we believe that streamlining and sharing data with all provider departments is paramount in producing an accurate provider directory and to ensure the best member and provider experience.

Why Provider Network Management with V12 Network?

Virsys12 has spent the last decade working with the most innovative healthcare organizations to solve challenges related to all aspects of provider network management from the provider onboarding process, to the physical management of data, to post claims workflows, and everything in between.

The result: Dozens of successful clients who have optimized provider network management strategies with best-in-class technology.

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With V12 Network It All Starts With Accurate Provider Data

Provider network data is complex and is a core reason that we originally created the V12 Network application on the Salesforce platform. At Virsys12, we believe that a robust provider network management solution paves the way for a truly integrated platform for connected workflow automation that uniquely creates value for our clients. 

Our V12 Network application supports the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships within the most complex healthcare payer and provider data models and supports the complex provider payment models and methodologies emerging today.

The Importance of Accurate Provider Data with V12 PDE


Provider data is complex and is a core reason that we originally created the V12 PDE application as an AI engine that continually monitors provider data sources and alerts your organization to provider data changes. 

Provider data that is identified as changed and pushed into V12 Network as a provider data case that can be assigned and worked by your team or the system can be configured to automatically update the provider data and alert. 

It is all up to your organization’s unique workflow and how you configure the product.

See V12 Network and PDE in Action!

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