Eliminate Inefficiencies in
Provider Data Management

V12 Network Wheel - provider data management and directory

Bridge the Gaps in Provider Networks

Provider network data is complex. With over a decade of expertise in this field, we’ve identified provider data management (PDM) as the primary pain point for healthcare organizations. That’s why we developed the V12 Network application on the Salesforce platform.

We’re firm believers that a robust provider data management solution is the key to unlocking a seamlessly integrated platform for connected workflow automation throughout the provider lifecycle continuum. Our V12 Network application is continually evolving to support the intricate one-to-many and many-to-many relationships within the most complex healthcare models.

Experience the power of streamlined provider data management with the V12 Network application. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing provider networks and hello to efficiency and precision in healthcare operations.

V12 Network Provider Data Management & Directory Supports:

Parent/Child Account Hierarchy Mapping and Payer/Provider Relationship Management

Complicated Provider Relationships such as Group, Network, and Master Provider Agreement Contract “linkage” with V12 Provider Group Participation

Multiple Taxonomy and Specialty Levels by Practitioner and by Group

Critical provider data differences such as Billing vs. Physical Location Address as well as by TIN and NPI

Provider demographic tracking including Par/Non-Par status, Panel Status, Effective Dates, Hospital Affiliations and Practicing Locations with V12 Practicing Relationships

Location network-based facility categorization by region, division, state and county

Pre-built CMS FHIR Provider Directory Interface

Provider Credentials Including Board Certifications, Accreditations, Medical Licensure, Education, Insurance

Provider Data Management in V12 Network

The struggle to maintain accurate provider directory information for your networks is challenging. We’ve made it easier to be notified of changes, modify and track data changes and collaborate with your team to keep the provider directory up to date!

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