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A comprehensive operational platform for automating provider network management

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Transform Provider Network Management with V12 Network

As the world of healthcare grows increasingly complex and disjointed, V12 Network stands out as a proven solution. With over a decade of research and development, our flagship provider network management application serves some of the nation’s largest payers and providers. Built on Salesforce, V12 Network delivers a powerful provider data model paired with practical, real-world workflow automation across the entire provider lifecycle continuum.


Who uses V12 Network:

Health Insurance/Payers

Direct Contract/Direct to Employer (D2E) Health Plans

Health Systems

Managed Care Organizations (MSOs, ACOs)

Integrated Physician Networks (CINs, IPNs, PHOs, IPAs)

Post-Acute Care Organizations (Senior Living Facility, Long-Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facility)

Value-Based Care Networks

Specialty Network Providers

Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

V12 Network – The Ultimate Provider Network Management Solution

End-to-End Provider Network Management

Say goodbye to complexity with V12 Network. Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration between providers and payers, eliminating fragmented information and disjointed workflows. Consolidate all provider-specific processes into a single platform, establishing a single source of truth for your organization. 

V12 Network is meticulously crafted to address the distinct needs of healthcare organizations. From initial outreach and network development to credentialing, contract management, and post-claims workflows, we provide a 360-degree view of both provider data and crucial workflows.


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Key Capabilities of V12 Network:

Provider Data Management & Directory

Streamline your provider data management and maintain an accurate directory.

Enrollment & Credentialing

Simplify the enrollment and credentialing process for providers, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Contracts & Fee Schedules

Manage contracts and fee schedules effortlessly, ensuring transparency and accuracy in billing.

Network Operations

Optimize network operations with real-time insights and analytics, enabling proactive decision-making.

Pre-Built App Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with pre-built applications to extend the functionality of V12 Network and enhance user experience.

Why Use V12 Network?


Reduction to Produce the Provider Directory

Improvement in Accuracy of Member & Physician Data
Decrease of Overall Cost of Care in First Year

Reduction in Time for Provider Directory Updates


Reduction Time in Lead Set Up


Reduction Time In Account Set Up


Reduction Time in Multiple Location Entry


Days Saved Annually for Data Transfer

With V12 Network you can:

Implement Results in as Quickly as 90 Days

Lower Administrative Costs

Deprecate Existing Antiquated Technology

Increase Interdepartmental Collaboration

Decrease Provider Onboarding Time

Streamline Tedious Network Operations Workflows

Increase Provider Directory Accuracy and Directory Compliance

Elevate Real-Time Analytic Reporting

Increase Provider Satisfaction Scoring (CSAT/NPS)

Increase Provider Directory Accuracy

We Now Have Multiple Versions of V12 Network

You asked, we listened! V12 Network is now compatible with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Health Cloud. At Virsys12 we are focused on meeting you wherever you are at in your implementation journey. 

Ready to learn more about our different product offerings? The breadth and functionality of V12 Network spans far beyond one page of information, but this quick, in-depth overview will help you start digging in.

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