Eliminate Inefficiencies in
Contracts & Fee Schedules

V12 Network Wheel - contracts and fee schedules

Accelerate Provider Contracting

Part and parcel with provider enrollment and credentialing is the contracting process. An efficient provider contracting workflow can not only speed up the overall onboarding and activation process, it can also help triage future rate and/or reimbursement inquiries based on easy access to contractual data.

With V12 Network, you get access to pre-built payer and provider contracting workflows, designed to expedite the contracting process from start to finish. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and tedious negotiations – our intuitive platform takes care of it all.

But that’s not all. V12 Network also offers up to 44 pricing methodologies built out of the box across the most popular reimbursement models. With easy access to contractual data, you can quickly address rate and reimbursement inquiries, helping you make informed decisions and streamline your revenue cycle management.

Experience the future of provider contracting with V12 Network and discover how easy it can be to optimize your contracting workflow.

V12 Network Contracting and Fee Schedule Management Supports:

Payer or Provider contracting processes with pre-built workflows including dynamic contracting stages and follow-up reminders

Storage and ease navigation of critical contract documentation by advanced provider hierarchies and affiliations

Network participation by practitioner at the specialty and taxonomy level or by facility

Dynamic provider directory business rules to include/exclude non-par vs. par providers based on contract status

Up to 44 pre-built templates for payment terms including fee schedule and value-based care with unlimited custom template potential

Robust contract pricing term creation on the fly with mass assignment workflows to new providers via V12 Fee Schedule Stencil

Custom fee schedule pricing at the modifier level

Custom provider contract setup with optional fee schedule data merge capabilities via contract lifecycle management application add-ons

Financial network reporting on any field by network, state, discount, fee code, or value-based care arrangement, etc.

Provider Contracts and Fee Schedules in V12 Network

Managing the most complex reimbursement arrangements for providers in your network can be challenging. But V12 Network makes it more streamlined and has the features to help your organization track and manage both fee for service and value based arrangements for specific networks and practicing locations for both par and non-par providers.

Check out this demo to learn more.