Eliminate Inefficiencies in
Network Operations

V12 Network Wheel - network operations

Overcome Network Operations Bottlenecks

Provider data management, enrollment, credentialing, and contracting all have significant importance to the provider lifecycle continuum. But what about post provider activation workflows?

The V12 Network application takes these network operations workflows into consideration with tailored functionalities designed to cater to your provider network’s unique requirements. From processing provider roster updates to executing mass changes like group-level terminations, the V12 Network application ensures you stay ahead with ease.

Explore how V12 Network can empower your provider lifecycle management journey.

V12 Network Network Operations Supports:

Custom provider network curation across a multitude of selection criteria via V12 Network Builder

Bulk provider demographic, location changes, and term workflows at both group and practitioner level with V12 Practitioner Manager

Business rules to create/remove provider directory records based on defined network criteria with V12 Network Manager

Provider group roster processing via a variety of formats including new groups and delegated entities

Entire fee schedule “cloning” configurations by network / provider groups with application to new provider groups with V12 PGP Clone

Complex provider service scenarios via pre-built Case queues and customizable assignment workflows by department and personnel

Robust pre-configured provider network operations reporting and dashboards by department

Provider Network Reports and Analytics in V12 Network

How do you know where you stand with building and maintaining a robust and accurate provider network and directory? What are your teams’ roadblocks in the process and what are your priorities today? There are many of touch points and steps in the process of contracting providers into your organization’s networks. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

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