Explore Virsys12's Proprietary Provider Lifecycle Management Solutions (V12 Network and V12 PDE)
Built on the Salesforce Platform

Provider Data Management

Simplify provider data maintenance by enabling effortless spreadsheet imports, converting data into a relational database format, and automating provider network management.

Streamline collaboration, enable ongoing monitoring of provider data changes, and facilitate comprehensive tracking for auditing and downstream system updates in organizations.

Track Tax IDs and NPIs at different levels in provider networks and contracts, navigate provider hierarchy, and optimize the visualization of billing and organizational IDs for claims processing.

Network Development and Provider Onboarding

Communicate with providers on a unified platform, view the online provider “join the network” application process, and understand how seamless collaboration with providers enhances the efficiency of provider networks.

Compare data fields, choose fields for provider/practitioner profile records, and maintain data synchronization between CAQH Compare and V12 Network.

Automate provider outreach and lead management efforts, understand how incorporating provider leads into campaigns reduces manual efforts, and streamline data entry for building new provider networks and markets.

Provider Enrollment Application and Credentialing Workflows

Streamline credentialing through team collaboration, explore customizable dashboards for efficient workflow navigation, and learn how customizable stages and processes can be configured for in-house.

View an out-of-the-box process for reviewing provider application data, simplify OIG and exclusion checks through integration with ProviderTrust, and how automation in V12 Network can save thousands of manual work related to processing provider applications.

Track practitioners based on their practice locations, taxonomy, specialty, and network affiliation, perform real-time OIG status checks, and understand the value of seamless collaboration and information access.

Fee Schedule and Analytics

Explore out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for verifying accuracy in provider network management, enable actionable steps through detailed insights, and learn how to leverage dashboards and automation to reallocate work assignments and remove roadblocks.

Track diverse network agreements, whether by practicing locations or at a group level, accommodate various provider payment arrangements and methodologies, including special program participation.

V12 Provider Data Engine

Check out the latest provider MDM functionality with the V12 Provider Data Engine. Unlock a world of new potential in managing data updates through a prescriptive queue based user interface, complete with backend source configuration capabilities from your favorite provider data applications.

We get it. Provider networks are complicated. Patient / member expectations are at an all-time high and providers have more options than ever. So how do you execute on your perfectly curated provider network? We believe the answer is utilizing great network adequacy tool and a secret weapon… the V12 Provider Data Engine.

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