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Our Story

Virsys12 is an award-winning Salesforce Consulting Partner focused on healthcare innovation, nationwide. Launched in 2011, the company has grown rapidly, achieving near triple digit revenue growth for the past four consecutive years by efficiently bridging the gap between diverse business needs and the right technology solutions.

CEO and Founder, Tammy Hawes, started it all while working full time, consulting and donating time to non-profits. Hawes recognized the potential of the emerging platform based on its flexibility for a wide range of business processes, in addition to its dynamic customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Her deep background in Software Development allowed her to be ‘hands on’ with customizing technology for client needs and her experience as a CIO, CTO and even company President gave her the strategic knowledge to guide clients’ strategic decisions. Today, Virsys12’s expanded leadership team offers over 75 years of executive success in healthcare and with small and large, private and public organizations, positioning Virsys12 as an essential partner for Salesforce’s expansion into the healthcare community.

Virsys12’s values of collaboration, passion, integrity and transformation tell the story. With a focused internal culture, Virsys12 continues to generate success with the release of proprietary software applications in addition to its implementation, integration and strategy services. We are doing it all driven by a purpose to help others, a mission to be healthcare’s number one partner for technology and a vision to empower others by bridging technology and need.

Tammy Hawes

Life at Virsys12

When it comes to our culture, we prefer to show rather than tell. Here are some employee stories to give you a sense of what life is like here on a daily basis.

Justin Foster
Sr. Developer

“What I enjoy most about Virsys12 is our work environment. I feel more than comfortable asking anyone anything. I can reach out to Sales, Project Management, or even upper-level Management. Virsys12 supports continues learning and offers opportunities for you to grow in the direction you want, even if that’s completely different from what you were originally hired for. Given time and hard work, you could transition from Consultant to Developer or Sales to Management. I highly enjoy working with the people I do, and I believe we are making a difference in the healthcare space.”

Frieda Projansky
Sr. Consultant

“At Virsys12, we work on challenging and engaging projects with a strong group of team members. I find it very rewarding that we provide our clients with a more efficient way to operate in the healthcare space while utilizing the power of Salesforce. It is so great to see these improvements in action.”

Callie Dotson
Marketing Coordinator

“One of my favorite parts about working at Virsys12 is the amazing people I get to work with. I am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by the most outstanding managers and team members who all embody our core values of collaboration, passion, integrity, and transformation.”

Denise Baker

“Virsys12 is a really warm and welcoming place to work. I love coming to work every day. The culture is amazing. Colleagues support each other instead of competing with each other, and the management and CEO take feedback from the employees seriously. I once make a crack on a call about being too much of a coffee snob for the Keurig coffee maker in the office. The CEO took it to heart and bought a state-of-the-art coffee machine a few weeks later. No matter what your position, your voice is heard in the company. I highly recommend it.”

Best in Class Benefits

Passion is the key value that drives our “V12” culture. It’s been that way since we started. Virsys12’s values of integrity, collaboration, passion, and transformation guide how we work with each other and with our clients. Did you notice it’s in our name? Twelve is a power number and we look for people who are powerfully passionate about technology and healthcare. Like Passion at a 12 on a scale of 10. Are you a 12? We hope you you’ll join us.

Full coverage health & benefits

We offer competitive insurance plans, including employer paid health insurance. As well as virtual medical care for non-emergent conditions through Teladoc services. 

Full 401k matching

Virsys12 makes it easy to save money for retirement.

Be Your Best Self Fund

Some of us go to the gym and some of us want to start our own YouTube Channel. We want to support your passions both inside and outside of work!

Monthly bonuses & commissions We offer competitive pay and incentives.

We offer competitive pay and incentives.

Competitive Time Off

We want you to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. Virsys12 offers flexible paid vacation as well as 7+ observed holidays.

Rewarding Work

We move fast, but we get to feel the impact of our work as early as Day 1.

Flexible Work Environment

We’ve created an intentional culture that promotes productivity, collaboration, and fun at work.

Our team benefits from having meaningful time to do deep, uninterrupted work at home (or wherever they can focus best) while also having the sense of connection that comes from in-person collaboration at our beautiful, co-working space as needed.

Extensive Education & Career Development

It takes a special person to be a 12.

We love to reward our experts with the following:

  • Mentoring program
  • Quarterly team events
  • Leadership development
  • Tech lunch and learns
  • Volunteer events and community lunch and learns
  • Wellness programs and activities
  • Career growth and education – multiple internal career paths
    Salesforce Certification Reimbursement

Core Values

Virsys12’s Core Values are: Collaboration, Passion, Integrity and Transformation, in no particular order. We as a company exhibit all of these values, and every employee embodies them. They are forward facing, as well as intrinsic. Additionally, our Values provide the foundation for Virsys12’s Goals.


Truthfulness, Authenticity and Resourcefulness

Doing what is good, right, and honest – rather than what is acceptable – is essential to building trust with our clients, and fellow employees. We demonstrate authenticity, follow through on our commitments, and keep our promises and live our core values.


Be Bold, Creative and Open-Minded

We work to the principle: “Simplify the workload of our clients and provide efficient tools to make their jobs easier by bridging technology and need.” It is our job to demonstrate our critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation in a proactive and and timely manner. Embrace adventure, change, and new ways to do things better, more efficiently, and with ease. 


Hustle, Go the Extra Mile

There is no substitute for hard work and hustle. Always put forth additional effort to ensure we all honor our commitments and exceed expectations. We strive to “wow” our teammates, our clients and other stakeholders.


Help the Team Grow and Succeed

Nobody wins alone; we are a team. Developing talent is an ongoing journey with real-time feedback focused on setting people up to succeed. We instill enthusiasm in others to achieve important goals.

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