V12 Provider Data Engine is a proactive, self-correcting, data engine that solves for costly compliance and provider data inaccuracies.

V12 PDE Screen

Consolidate Multiple Provider Data Sources

The Virsys12 Provider Data Engine (V12 PDE) is a robust and scalable platform that consolidates multiple provider data sources (both internal and external) such as CMS data, purchased or subscribed data, to build a complete up-to-date and accurate provider profile. This profile can be used for both in and out of network providers for ranking, querying and network adequacy, as well as for OIG compliance checking used in the credentialing process. 

Pre-Built V12 PDE Data Sources:

National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES)

CAQH ProView

Custom API-based integrations and ongoing data file transfers are also available in the V12 Provider Data Engine application. Common additional data source integrations include: 

  • Claims/Adjudication Systems
  • Provider Directory Applications
  • Electronic Data Warehouses
  • State Registries (Medicaid lists)
  • Provider Rosters
  • Network Adequacy Applications
  • And several others

In this demo of V12 PDE you will be introduced to our robust solution for precise Healthcare Data Management. 

Explore the capabilities of our platform that consolidates internal and external provider data sources, including CMS data and CAQH ProView

With pre-mapped connectors and tested processes, V12 PDE caters to Managed Care Organizations, Integrated Physician Networks, Accountable Care Organizations (MCOs, IPNs, ACOs), Health Systems and many other health-oriented businesses.

Organizations need flexibility and speed to market, V12 PDE is your answer!

Let the Data Decide!

Stay up to date on provider demographic and network data changes based upon your preferences. The V12 Provider Data Engine application puts the power back in your hands and gives you the ability to decide which data sources are most accurate in specific scenarios. The end result: a highly customized provider directory “engine” capable of weighting data based upon your workflow logic and scoring domains. At Virsys12, we believe tools like the V12 PDE solution will help payers and providers alike adhere to ever changing provider data accuracy mandates such as the CAA. 

Custom Data Scoring Domains:

Data Age

Source System Trust

Completeness of Data

Data Derivation

Data Consensus

Detail Significance

Flexible Workflows to Keep Your Directory Accurate

Provider directory maintenance is not always black and white. With the V12 PDE application, you get to decide between a fully automated solution and certain outlier scenarios that may require internal review or an approval process. Both approaches are accounted for and encouraged by our users. The V12 Provider Data Engine application features a Salesforce user interface component to quickly make provider data update decisions in a queue-based fashion with the option to trigger approval cases for further review. Irrespective of the approach, the V12 PDE application is designed to reduce manual input and improve provider data accuracy with automated workflows, all while keeping the provider directory as accurate as possible.

The Risks are High for Inaccurate Provider Data & Directories

Claims Payment Risk

Improperly-paid claims

Claims adjustments

Lengthy, expensive recoupment

OIG exclusions go unchecked

Regulatory Risk


Costly fines up to $25k/incident

Coverage Risk

Perceived as deception


Costly fines

Quality Risk

Disconnected provider data

Inability to manage costs narrow

Read V12 PDE's Complete Product Guide

Ready to learn more about V12 PDE? The breadth and functionality of V12 PDE spans far beyond one page of information, but this quick, in-depth overview will help you start digging in.

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