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We Now Have Multiple Versions of V12 Network

You asked, we listened! V12 Network is now compatible with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Health Cloud. At Virsys12 we are focused on meeting you wherever you are at in your implementation journey. 

Ready to learn more about our different product offerings? The breadth and functionality of V12 Network spans far beyond one page of information, but this quick, in-depth overview will help you start digging in.

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Provider Data Management & Directory



Provider data management and demographic updates

Compare provider demographic data of record with other industry data sources for audit and correction

Tracking of billing vs physical location TaxID and NPI including credentialing, remit, claims, practice, and contracting addresses

Navigator for Complex Hierarchy of TaxID and NPI within a health system with shared locations, networks and agreements

Practitioner Manager for mass adds, terminations, moves of practitioners within a location and/or network

Location-based facility categorization functionality for network segmentation by region, division, state, county, etc.

Mass updates to shared address and stratification of address types such as remit, billing, practicing, credentialing, contracting locations and networks

Proactive outbound attestation notification to practitioners based on pre-defined requirements and timelines for attestation

Enrollment & Credentialing



Compare provider state licenses, certifications, and NPPES status

Rules driven primary source verification and process automation of primary source verification to ProviderTrust, CAQH, Verifide, or other PSV systems

Proactive monitoring for sanctions and exclusions through ProviderTrust and CAQH ProView ongoing monitoring features

Parallel case management for provider credentialing cases and associated verification tasks

Roster file intake, audit and automatic creation of credentialing case and assignment to workflows and queues

Ability to associate credentialing and recredentialing cases to multiple networks

Automatic review and approval of provider application based on customizable, rule-based logic

Proactive outbound attestation notification to practitioners based on pre-defined requirements and timelines for attestation

Contracts & Fee Schedules



Contract management with stages, dates, and follow-up reminders

Document management and auditing capabilities

Network participation by practitioner or facility and specialty and taxonomy level

Ability to track and include/exclude non-par vs. par providers in provider directory search

26 pre-built templates for payment terms and methodologies for fee schedule and value base care with "unlimited" custom payment terms

Ability to define provider locations participating in networks under specific payment term groups

Mass merge of structured payment terms into contract as fee schedule addendums

Fee schedule stencil tool to fast track creation of payment term groups by allowing for robust customization and duplication of contract pricing terms

Fee schedule pricing at modifier level

Built-in payment methodologies for value based care agreements

Ability to generate schedule of payment terms in contract drafting process

Pre-Built App Integrations



CAQH ProView interface and data compare functionality via CAQH Compare tool

CAQH Verifide integration hooks to support file-based PSV integration 

ProviderTrust Dash integration for on-time and ongoing OIG/SAM sanction and exclusion checks, along with NPDB connectivity

Address verification using APIs

Geolocation of addresses using Google Locations APIs

Robust Reporting & Analytics



Robust pre-configured "build and manage the network" reporting & dashboards

Financial network reporting by network, state, discount, fee code, or value based arrangement

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