Healthcare Companies are Taking Advantage of Intelligent Automation

One thing that healthcare has an abundance of is required forms to be completed… tons of forms. It seems as though every time you go to the doctor, they ask you to fill out the same stack of forms again and again and again. Salesforce recently announced an add-on to Health Cloud: Intelligent Document Automation (IDA). This new addition will assist payers, providers, and health plans as they strive to improve the efficiency and accuracy with which they process all the forms we are required to complete.

Healthcare Intelligent Document Automation

IDA includes a new set of features for Health Cloud to help digitize the document management process and change the way patient data is stored. This software enables providers to streamline the processing of patient documentation and maintain the most accurate and up-to-date information in their healthcare customer relationship management, or CRM. The addition of IDA to Health Cloud will undoubtedly enable providers to improve their overall efficiency and accuracy when it comes to data entry.

Payers and health plans also process many forms from healthcare organizations, ancillary and provider groups, and practitioners when setting up and maintaining new and existing provider networks and provider directories as required by CMS mandates.

Advantages of a Healthcare CRM

Having an intelligent document automation process is great, but as a stand alone solution, it doesn’t have the same power. That is why, as a health system or payer, having a healthcare CRM solution to manage all aspects of a patient, such as their demographic information, visits, and other relevant data to help engage them in proactive health, is crucial to improving quality and reducing cost. This data can then be integrated into the patient’s electronic medical record.

As a payer, engaging with your provider through the entire provider life cycle – from onboarding to credentialing to contracting – is key to meeting regulatory requirements for provider network management, provider directory, and delivering excellent customer service. Utilizing a healthcare CRM solution to store all the data gathered about a practitioner and their practice can assist you in completing the provider profile for the directory, setup for claims payment, and equip you in your goals and responsibilities throughout the entire provider life cycle.

Salesforce Health Cloud

There is no better way to automate than with Salesforce Health Cloud. The reasons to automate with Health Cloud are endless, but there are a few major benefits to consider. For example, cloud computing provides users with the easiest way to manage any health data used by patients and providers in real time.

There are also endless ways to customize your workflows to optimize the efficiency of day-to-day processes. With the new addition of Intelligent Document Automation, there is no denying that Health Cloud is the best tool to manage your patients, members, provider networks, and provider directories.

Why Wait?

Technology is constantly changing the way we interact with each other. Healthcare consumers expect the same level of support and communication with their healthcare as they get with Facebook, Amazon, or Apple.

Virsys12 can help your organization take advantage of the opportunities for success provided by implementing Salesforce. We know Salesforce and healthcare, and we have a proven track record of helping organizations like yours transform their patient and provider experience with technology.

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