How Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Health Cloud Could Change Healthcare

August 18, 2019

Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to be impactful in their markets and better serve their patient population and the old ways and use of EMR systems as the only technology to manage patient care is no longer a viable solution. Health systems need to collaborative, technology-driven patient engagement and outreaach. Salesforces already helps healthcare organizations do just that—but now, they’re taking connected patient care to a whole new level.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud is capable of capturing, analyzing and extrapolating data in an entirely new way. Here’s how it provides valuable, actionable artificial intelligence in healthcare.

What Makes Salesforce Einstein Analytics For Health Cloud Unique?

Healthcare professionals need pattern-driven data to help them. Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud empowers organizations to change healthcare through data. Up to now, traditional data analysis has given healthcare professionals access to broad-lens insights. Imagine the possibilities if healthcare providers could manage patient risk in an entirely new light.

The Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud Risk Stratification changes the game. It offers insights that give providers the unique ability to understand more specified data. This includes charts and lists related to the overall health of the patients you manage. In addition, Salesforce Einstein uses the CMS Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) risk scoring model to assign a risk score to each patient.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Revolutionizes Patient Risk Data

By using the HCC scoring model, clinical administrators and executives can get a complete view of the trends affecting their patients. These advanced analytics and augmented intelligence assign risk-based patient health characteristics that include (but are not limited to):

  • Age
  • Current medication
  • Diagnoses
  • Gender
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Race
  • Treatments

These unique features provides clinician’s and care coordinators ability to find patterns specific to small groups of people. As a result, they can improve their chances of making a positive change in healthcare and encourage proactive health innovation where it counts – at the center of patient care.

Salesforce is the right platform for healthcare providers to transform patient care, and Salesforce Einstein is brought to reality by using Virsys12, a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner, when you are ready to take advantage of this powerful tool. Virsys12 implementations will get the job done right the first time around. Virsys12 empowers you by giving you access to innovative tools that will transform your healthcare organization.