Q&A with Virsys12’s CTO, Seth Hobgood

What are you most excited to be working on this year at Virsys12?

This year, a key focus for us is enhancing our V12 Provider Data Engine (PDE) product to tackle the challenge of ever-changing provider data in healthcare organizations. This application processes data from various provider data sources, including provider demographics, provider taxonomies and specialties, and practicing location (both master address location data and practitioner address data), and compares it to proactively influence and update in real-time. It scores the ingested data and recommends updates to the source of truth for the provider directory. Our team is diligently fine-tuning V12 PDE to provide health plans and providers with the best provider data management solution available, helping them meet crucial challenges tied to government regulations on provider directories and pricing transparency.

We are also looking forward to releasing a standalone version of V12 Network this year, which will not require a prior purchase of Salesforce or Health Cloud licenses. Despite having a smaller footprint for implementation, this version will retain most of the features and functionality of V12 Network Pro.

What are some new features and/or product functionality that you think our customers will be most excited about?

One of the new features that we’re all really excited about is the Network Manager component of V12 Network. This function allows our clients to define specific criteria for their networks, such as practitioners offering services in particular specialties within designated zip codes or counties. Network Manager dynamically generates all the records for that network and all the practicing locations, and seamlessly associates practitioners with relevant reimbursement terms and contracts and keeps them in sync.  If any of the practitioners are no longer included in the criteria set by the client (ex. if they stop practicing one of those included specialties, move out of the county, or are no longer offering services within the appropriate boundary), the Network Manager component will then recommend that they be terminated from that network. It is a great way to dynamically add or remove certain records from your network based on the criteria you set, so it is a very powerful tool.

What sets our product apart in the market?

One thing that sets our product apart is that because we are built on the Salesforce platform, we have access to a very streamlined set of APIs to ingest, send, and receive data into our platform. This makes integrating with any third-party system much easier because we have the very powerful Salesforce APIs with tons of documentation to rely on. Many different ETL tools and integrations tools also have hooks built in that take advantage of those standardized APIs right out of the box. Being able to rely on this standardized set of APIs that Salesforce offers really helps with interoperability and integrations in general.

Everyone is talking about AI right now. Does Virsys12 currently (or have plans to) utilize AI technology into the product stack?

Yes, we do have roadmap items for AI. We currently leverage rules-based AI in our V12 PDE product to score and rank data based on its accuracy. We also have plans to leverage machine learning over time so that the PDE application will begin to learn what data has been propagated and what data has been suppressed. This will help ensure that we are more routinely recommending quality data be propagated and suppressing dirty data or data that is less reliable.

In addition, Salesforce announced that they have several GPT products coming out this year. We are watching those closely to make sure that we are taking advantage of any of that technology that can be leveraged for the provider network management use case.

How do we synergize with Salesforce’s marketing and CRM functionality to help grow provider networks?

If organizations want to bring in new providers, we offer a service that allows our clients the capability to query for providers that have certain specialties or are practicing in certain locations. They are then able to bring them in as leads which can be attached to marketing journeys to leverage the Salesforce marketing pathways and workflows to enhance the growth of the provider networks.

What’s coming up in the product roadmap that we can share?

We are going to continue expanding our integration offerings. For example, we are working on adding third party verification services for credentialing data like CAQH sanctions track and other third parties. We also want to begin using our data for network advocacy use cases. We are in the process of deciding whether we want to build that or if we want to integrate with a partner. In addition to our AI initiatives that I mentioned, those are our big objectives for the year.

To learn more about how Virsys12 can help your healthcare organization with enterprise provider data management efforts, check out our announcement, “Virsys12 Boosts Healthcare Operations with New Provider Data Management Features,” or please contact us today.

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About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.

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About the Author

Seth Hobgood is CTO of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hobgood leads the development of the V12 product suite (V12 Network and V12 PDE Provider Data Engine) and is a 16+ year veteran in health care technology and integration.