How Technology Can Keep You On Track in 2020

How are your New Year’s resolutions panning out? If you’re struggling to stick with them, well, at least you can take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone. In fact, you have lots of company. One survey found that just 4% of people who made a New Year’s resolution in 2018 said they kept them. Judging by the calendar, there’s a good chance you’ve already started ditching yours this year. Research conducted by Strava, a social network for athletes, found that January 12 would be the date most people would likely give up on their grand plans for 2020.

But even if you’re starting to slide back into 2019 habits, all is not lost. Especially in today’s digitally enabled world, you have more resources at your disposal than ever to help you stick with your plans and see them through, whether they’re New Year’s resolutions or the day-to-day tasks and goals you need to accomplish at work.

Sorting Through the Technology Options

Recently, several of us on the Forbes Technology Council offered up some tips on how to use technology to stick with your commitments. It’s true that technology can sometimes get in the way of getting things done (hello, endless social media scroll). But fortunately, there are a whole host of tools and apps that can give you the support you need to meet your goals.

While it’s nice to have so many options, that can sometimes make the decision about what to use overwhelming. One way to look at it is to identify the barriers – what’s keeping you from following through with your commitments. That will point you in the direction of where you need help.

For example, if you’re finding that you just can’t seem to fit it all in, there are a variety of apps that will help you prioritize and delegate tasks so that you can make the space for the activities that are important to you. You can also offload any low-value but time-consuming manual work using a tool that automates repetitive actions.

A tool I mentioned in the Forbes piece, SaneBox, is one that I’ve found really helpful. It uses AI to filter out the distractions, emphasize the important messages and even remind you when you need to follow up. I find that when I’m able to unload those burdens, I can stay focused on what really matters.

Maybe you need to free up that time because you’re resolving to learn something new this year. From picking up a new language to learning from the masters on how to cook or tell a story or take great photos, there’s now an app for just about an educational activity you want to pursue in 2020.

So how do you know which particular solution is going to work best for you? Sometimes you just have to try them on for size. We all process things differently so an interface or instructional design that appeals to one person may feel overly complicated or cluttered to someone else. One tip if you find that you’re having trouble staying motivated: look for gamification elements that will keep you engaged and striving to reach the next milestone.

Healthcare Tech for your Business Resolutions

Beyond your personal pursuits, now it’s time to be thinking about your work-related resolutions, too. If it’s not already on your list, make 2020 the year to say goodbye to manual, inefficient, error-prone processes. With its robust capabilities, Salesforce is transforming the way healthcare organizations operate, making personalized, efficient, end-to-end experiences a reality for all parties involved. The number of commercially available apps and options for customizing the solution to meet your specific requirements mean you can have an integrated solution that is tailored precisely to your business’s needs.

V12 Network (available on the AppExchange®) is a good example of the power of Salesforce. This comprehensive healthcare network management system helps you reach your business goals faster and more cost effectively, from better provider network management and network scalability to improved care coordination and patient outcomes. It’s a customized, single-source technology platform that serves as a hub for maintaining your provider directory, monitoring OIG compliance and performing the credentialing process. By automating your workflow, it manages the complexities for you and gives you the flexibility you need as reimbursement models continue to evolve. Plus, it gives you the data insights to make smarter and quicker strategic moves into new markets.

Sometimes the best technology resource isn’t a piece of technology at all, though. It’s the human resources who’ve “been there and done that” and can help shepherd you through the right decisions for your organization’s situation. More personalized, efficient care depends on being able to understand and maintain quality data. And that’s where our team comes in. No matter how many EMR integrations you’re looking at or what your interoperability needs are, we can help you assess, prioritize, budget and meet your goals for this year and beyond.

Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can work together to keep your 2020 resolutions on track!

About the Author

About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.

About the Author

About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.