Five Reasons Companies Struggle With CRM Implementations

Tammy Hawes, CEO, and Founder of Virsys12, explores the hurdles organizations face in successfully implementing CRM systems in her Forbes Technology Council article. While CRM systems offer the promise of improved customer relationships and streamlined processes, Hawes identifies five common reasons behind implementation struggles. These include insufficient executive support and employee buy-in, the temptation to automate inefficient processes, resistance to staffing changes, overcomplexity in defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and the often-overlooked issue of data quality. By addressing these challenges through strong leadership, process optimization, talent evaluation, MVP simplification, and data integrity maintenance, businesses can fully harness the potential of CRM investments and excel in today’s competitive market.

What sets Virsys12 apart is its expertise in Salesforce implementation, which allows us to guide companies through these challenges successfully. We specialize in helping organizations avoid these common pitfalls, leveraging Salesforce to unlock the full potential of CRM investments, and achieve remarkable success in today’s competitive market.

If you would like to learn more, check out the full article on Forbes’ site.

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About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.

About the Author