What a Ride! 5 Lessons from a Wildly Unpredictable Year

roller-coasterThis year should have come with a warning: Hang on with both hands! Even though rapid change has pretty much become the norm in today’s world, these past 12 months have been exceptional by any standard. There’s been no shortage of surprises, twists, turns, and ups and downs along the way. (BTW, stay with me, and meet the guy who DID get a prize).

How will your experiences over this past year shape and inspire your future plans? It’s that list-making time of the year and we put our 2016 insights down on paper so we can keep them in mind and head into the new year with intention.

We hope these 5 you get ready to tackle whatever comes your way in 2017.

1. Generosity Matters

In 2016, Virsys12 officially joined the list of companies who are pledging 1% to make their communities a better place.
In 2016, Virsys12 officially took the pledge to give back 1%.

One of the earliest things I learned about Virsys12 was that it has an unwavering commitment to supporting the work of non-profits. This comes directly from CEO Tammy Hawes. When she’s not “on the clock” with Virsys12, she’s spending quite a bit of her time donating her skills to a growing list of non-prof

its, from the local to the global. Over the last few years, Virsys12 team members have been donating “utilization” time to these charitable causes, and the firm also contributes a portion of their revenue. The generous actions and behaviors that are a part of Virsys12’s DNA lined up perfectly when Salesforce announced its 1% Partner initiative, which we officially joined in 2016.

Bottom line? Running a successful business is only part of the equation; making a difference is what matters. It becomes your guidepost when everything else is uncertain.

2. To Transform is to Thrive

Virsys12’s focus is to “Transform the Business of Healthcare” because we believe that no one can afford to keep doing what they’ve always done in a constantly evolving environment. We are always on the lookout for those customers and partners that refuse to be satisfied with the status quo—and we’re finding them.

Transformation was the theme of our 3rd Annual Nashville Healthcare Technology Forum, with Salesforce’s Nadeem Ahmed sharing the vision of the $8b software giant’s commitment to innovating healthcare. The evening highlighted customer success stories, including the Care Coordination Institute, with its outstanding work across multiple networks in South Carolina, and the Tennessee Justice Center, which is accelerating insurance coverage for the 62,000 kids who are eligible…but not covered.

2016 Holiday Party Team Photo
The Virsys12 Team & Families at the 2016 Holiday Party

Wisconsin-based Network Health also participated, demonstrating a “neighborly” health plan collaborating with a variety of wellness initiatives, and Nashville-based Renova PCA explored how they’re helping people get the care they need while avoiding re-admittance to the hospital. We ended with the emotional story of 180 Health Partners, which is helping expectant mothers turn the tide of prenatal substance use and deliver healthy thriving babies.

We are gratified to be a part of each of these customer stories.

3. Stay True to Yourself

We learned that not every prospect or relationship is the right fit for a company on our mission. And both parties do best when they find their best path. So we won’t try to be all things to all people or price an opportunity just to get the project when we know it’s not the right direction. One of our greatest assets is the strength of our team’s expertise and strategic counsel. It’s expertise that we take great care to nurture and grow, both through our hiring and in the way we make ongoing professional development, networking, best-practice sharing and continuing education a part of our culture. The customers who partner with us recognize the value of this commitment and how it benefits their businesses.

4. Collaboration Makes Things Possible

In light of the partnerships highlighted at the Forum and our redoubled commitment to staying true to ourselves, this probably goes without saying, but our belief in collaboration is what’s making things happen for us. In 2016 we hit our stride, working with a variety of customers that are truly changing how healthcare is delivered. What an incredible experience it has been to become a part of those teams, listening and helping strategically map their future to deliver on each dream.

5. Passion Can’t Be Taught

You can’t reach the big milestones without a real passion for the work, and that’s something you either have or you don’t. Passion is important in good times and vital in tough times. As we navigate what promises to be a challenging, thrilling and rewarding journey in the year to come, we’re focused on continuing to attract team members who have a passion for transforming the business of healthcare.

Jim Receiving 2016 "Virsy" Award
Virsys12 Director of Solution Architecture Jim Rambo receives the 2016 “Virsy” award.

Finally, in both formal and informal ways, we take the time to recognize our values. Friday night, we gathered for a holiday dinner and the 2016 Virsy’s Award presentation, an award given to the staff member who most consistently lives our core values. We’re proud to announce that Jim Rambo, Director of Solution Architecture, is the recipient of the 2016 award. He came to Virsys12 with more than 25 years of successful application architecture, design and implementation experience. More important, Jim overwhelmingly represents the values that drive us to make the world a better place. In addition to his cool trophy and a cash prize, Virsys12 is donating to the charity of his choice (the Wounded Warrior Project).

  1. A wild ride and a very good year indeed. Here we come 2017.

About the Author

About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.

About the Author