Salesforce Winter ’19 Release – Virsys12 Favorites

The Salesforce Winter ’19 release dates are upon us (main dates: September 8th, October 6th & 13th depending on your Salesforce instance) and Visys12 could not be more excited! The Winter release is packed full of awesome content, and we put together highlights we are particularly excited about. Here are our top five picks including mass record owner change, searchable list views, and Einstein forecasting.

Feature 1: Mass Record Owner Change in List Views

Users can now change the owner of multiple Leads, Cases or Custom Object records at once – right from the list view. This upgrade allows for up to 200 records to be changed simultaneously.

Feature 2: Searchable List Views

Users are now able to search a list view for a record using the new Search component. A component can be added to the list view in the Lightning App Builder for newly created pages.

Feature 3: Einstein Forecasting:

Harness the true power of Einstein with a new feature that allows custom fields to be included in a forecast. Customers can choose to include all fields or exclude some that don’t impact the forecast.

Feature 4: Add more Filters to Dashboards:

Up to 50 filters can now be included in each Dashboard – up from 10, previously. More filters allows for more precise information tracking within the Dashboard itself. Check out Salesforce’s Release Notes for more information.

Feature 5: Email Tracking in Activity Timeline:

Email opens are now traceable using Enhanced Email features on the Activity object to track email sends in Salesforce. See bounces and opens right on the contact record with this new feature.


  • All sandboxes should be in by October 13th.
  • Production upgrades are done on different days, depending on the instance.
  • To find your instance number go into Salesforce and navigate to Company Information within Setup
    • Go to, select your instance and click maintenance to see your specific upgrade date and time.

The Winter ’19 release, like each of the three yearly Salesforce updates, offers customers more functionality to increase productivity. This means more value for your purchase – only if you are aware of each upgrade, get the proper training, and use them. Virsys12 is here to help. Want to talk more about it? Contact Nate Begani at: nate.begani @, solutions @, or 651.800.6768

About the Author

About the Author

Tammy Hawes is CEO and Founder of Virsys12, a Healthcare Focused Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner. Hawes launched Virsys12 in 2011, with a track record of more than 25 years of executive success.

About the Author