V12 Network FeaturesA Salesforce Provider Lifecycle Management Solution

  • 12% Reduction in Time for
    Provider Directory Updates
  • 70% Improvement in Accuracy of
    Member & Physician Data
  • 12% Decrease of Overall
    Cost of Care in First Year

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Virsys12 Network PLM for Salesforce

a new approach to provider network management

Get features not available on any other PLM.

  • Complex Hierarchy and Relationship Management
  • In-house, delegated and CVO credentialing process automation with all primary source verification
  • Credentialing processes automation
  • Real-time provider directory internal and external search
  • Practitioner Manager for mass update capabilities for provider network, locations, agreements
  • Fee schedule stencil for mass assignment of pricing methodology templates to an agreement
  • Market / healthplan / network specific configuration capabilities
  • Navigator for complex billing / physical taxid and npi hierarchy combinations for agreement payment
  • Practitioner tracking by agreement including speciality, taxonomy, network, par/non-par, effective dates
  • Relationship Management with State, Payer, Employer Outreach and Contract Management
  • Provider lead pipeline with Stages and Next Steps
  • Automated and templated activities and actions with tracking and reminders
  • Contract Connect for mass assignment of contract agreements for hiearchy
  • Member and Physician Communications and Outreach and Campaigns
  • Integration and Analytics for Einstein, Tableau and Mulesoft
  • PCP allocation for members to providers
  • Value based care payment models
  • Panel tracking
  • Auto ranking and matching of provider data updates
  • Advanced reporting including links to other systems and data with Tableau
  • Network Adequacy with Tableau
  • Field level and view level auditing (with Shield)