V12 alerts


  • Improve Quality

    Never missing a ‘to do’ or reminder means fewer mistakes, better outcomes.

  • Save Time

    Who needs to stop and look up the answer? Build it in at the front of healthcare operations management.

  • Save Money

    Mistakes, interruptions, repeated processes all reduce profitability. Do it right the first time.

Free, customized action notices

Increase productivity in healthcare operations management with V12 Alerts, our free, customized action notices. These time sensitive flags or popup windows will signal case characteristics designated inside the software's Case Page without triggers to provide notification of special requirements, messages or additional direction for successful healthcare operations management. For every case logged in the healthcare operations management software, V12 Alerts will search the case and retrieve and display any preprogrammed alert message on the case detail page. Our managed package (now at 1.2.0) will provide your team extra help to keep your work at its best.

Download the V12 Alerts Product Sheet