IDC Market Glance: Healthcare Ecosystem, 4Q23

This IDC Market Glance provides a landscape view of the key technology markets for 2023. Vendors in each subcategory may evolve and change each year to create a representative collection.

“2023 ushered in digital advancements, including a monumental focus on GenAI, that healthcare as a whole embraced. With the persistence of lower margins, rising costs, labor shortages, and growing expectations from providers, payers, and patients, many are pinning their hopes on technology to scale and sustain innovative strategies for success. While use cases and long-term impact are still up for debate, healthcare is doubling down on its commitment to holistic and accessible care for all and leaning into technology investments aimed at transforming care as we know it.” — Lynne A. Dunbrack, group vice president, IDC Health Insights

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