Virsys12 Announces Updates to V12 Network and V12 IPD on Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Virsys12 Announces Updates to V12 Network and V12 IPD

Virsys12’s customers can now benefit from full integration with unlimited provider data sources, ability to use value-based pricing and more.

Virsys12 today announced it has updated V12 Network on Salesforce AppExchange and V12 Provider Data Engine (PDE) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Heroku to provide healthcare organizations with new ways to save time and money in building and managing information about providers. This update also ensures that the information is accurate and regularly updated – even when it is gathered from many disparate sources.

Built on Salesforce Health Cloud, V12 Network is currently available on AppExchange.

V12 Network and V12 PDE

V12 Network built on Salesforce Health Cloud, and V12 PDE built on AWS and Heroku, are designed to transform the way payers and health systems manage their provider lifecycle and build provider networks. They provide a complete solution for Provider Market Expansion, Provider Onboarding, Credentialing, Contracting, Provider Directory Production and Updates and Claims Integration.

Comments on the News

  • “As we see shifts in healthcare reimbursement, regulations around provider directory accuracy, and a trend toward managed care and narrow and specialty provider networks, real-time access to provider data and the workflow associated with keeping the data accurate and complete has become a necessity for health plans and large health systems alike,” said Seth Hobgood, vice president of product at Virsys12. “With the coming legislation around pricing transparency, provider networks need to be maintained in real-time. Virsys12 is excited to continue to transform the business of healthcare with our new releases of V12 Network and our companion product V12 PDE (Provider Data Engine).”
  • “We’re incredibly proud to partner with Virsys12 and celebrate their latest innovations,” said Chris Redhage, co-founder of ProviderTrust. “ProviderTrust was born from our belief that safer healthcare can be achieved through smart technology, and we’ve seen that vision come to life over the past decade by creating a suite of products that, through compliance, has enabled health plans and health systems to meet and exceed their clinical and financial goals. Through our API integration with the Virsys12 platform, we are thrilled to together power smarter credentialing processes for payers for years to come.”

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About Virsys12

Virsys12 is a healthcare technology firm transforming the business of healthcare with innovative products and solutions for provider lifecycle and Salesforce’s Digital 360 initiative, which brings together key components to help companies transform customer engagement in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Founded in 2011, Virsys12 provides both applications and services to ensure customer success. It partners with healthcare organizations of all sizes to help them create an optimized experience for their members, patients, providers and partners that produces better outcomes and lowers costs.

See the full press release highlighting Virsys12’s product updates.