Nate Begani, Director of Managed Services wins annual Virsy’s award

2018 was a successful and exciting year for Virsys12, and the team gathered to celebrate the year and the announcement of the annual Virsy’s award recipient (pronounced Vir see’s like the Emmy awards) at the annual holiday party on December 13. Every employee submits a survey for the co-worker they believe consistently exemplifies the core values of passion, transformation, collaboration and integrity throughout the entire year. This year the award was given to Nate Begani.

Nate Begani

Nate joined Virsys12 in 2018 as the Director of Managed Services. He made significant contributions to the culture of Virsys12 and led meaningful transformational projects for our customers. He shows an incredible drive everyday by going beyond what is required by the job. Virsys12 is honored to have Nate on our team and we look forward to his continued contribution to our clients and our culture. All our team members strive to follow our core values and Nate went above and beyond this year to exemplify the Virsys12 way.

Each year, Virsys12 makes a donation to a charity chosen by the recipient of the Virsy’s Award. Begani selected Millersburg Ferry

The organization’s goal is to preserve the historic value of the area and the boats for future generations. The Millersburg Ferry is located in central Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna River. It’s the last known wooden double stern-wheel paddle boat still in operation in the United States. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the ferry has been in continuous service since 1817 connecting Millersburg in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, with an adjacent landing in Perry County.

“In the 1750’s the ferry began its transformational journey of providing a powerful connection for communities along the Susquehanna River. Today, much like the ferry, the technology that we are developing at Virsys12 is providing transformational connections for our customers with their own communities. While I’m incredibly grateful for these advances in technology, I feel it’s important we support our communities by recognizing the past and preserving those core values we cherish most. Our communities are incredibly important and deserve care. After shaping us into who we are today, it’s our job to ensure the best of this world is left behind for our children” commented Nate.

Thank you and congratulations Nate! For more information or to donate, please visit Millersburg Ferry ..