2018 Team of the Year - Nashville Technology Council Awards

We are thankful for every acknowledgement we receive for the work we do. When that acknowledgement comes from your hometown and your peers, it is sweet indeed.

In January, our delivery team received the 2018 Team of the Year Award from the Nashville Technology Council, judged by technology experts from across Tennessee. The accolade came after review of a variety of factors including the project itself, the skills sets required, how we function as a team, as well as our commitment to attracting highly skilled technology talent to Nashville.

2018 Team of the YearWe believe in Nashville and the quality of life it offers technologists considering where to live and perhaps, raise a family. We believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration, one of our core values at Virsys12. You can learn more about the Nashville area, our Greater Nashville Chamber of Commerce has a good story to tell.

We also believe success comes from focus. Our Vice President of Client Success, Paul Peterson, accepted the award on behalf of our team at the NTC Awards and shared his thoughts in this podcast. We hope you will listen to this brief recording of Paul’s acceptance speech and be inspired to think about focus. And perhaps you will focus on Nashville as a destination.

If you believe in using your technology skills to truly transform the world, and doing it with the Salesforce platform, we’d love to hear from you. Find more about Virsys12 at virsys12.com.

2018 Team of the YearPS: We believe in fun too. Our intern Zach Livengood shows how it’s done.