Professional Physical Therapy

Professional Physical Therapy (Professional) is a leading provider of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services in the Northeast. The company was founded in 1999 by two partners who recognized the need for effective, individualized care, and set out to launch a company that would meet those needs. At Professional, the recovery plan for each patient is customized, providing them the flexibility to be treated in multiple locations during their rehabilitation. In 2005 the Company launched the Professional Athletic Performance Center — a 20,000 square foot facility on Long Island — to afford patients with care that lasts beyond the rehabilitation process and to provide elite, adult, and youth athletes with the tools they need to succeed. The Professional team is comprised of talented clinical and corporate staff, and many of its clinicians work with nationally recognized physicians.


In 2019, Lauren Nutter assumed the role of Director of Digital Marketing at Professional, responsible for overseeing digital media and marketing efforts across five states with over 185 offices. The absence of an effective CRM system meant that many tasks related to patient inbound leads and internal data organization were being performed manually, and data was cumbersome and disconnected. While the company had a digital presence driving some business, the conversion mechanisms also presented opportunity for significant improvement. Seeking a comprehensive CRM solution to streamline operations and address data organization and automation challenges for the organization, Nutter turned to Salesforce.

“We signed on with Salesforce, and it felt like being handed the keys to a Lamborghini without a license,” explained Nutter. “Hiring a full-time Salesforce admin wasn’t feasible due to budget and time constraints, and we knew that wouldn’t fully address our specific development and construction needs regardless.”

To find the right solution, Nutter explored various companies that provided Salesforce implementation support, and Virsys12 stood out from the very first call. The depth of expertise and team of specialists were exactly what Professional needed to guide them through the transformation and learn how to maximize its investment in Salesforce.



At the onset, Virsys12 conducted an onsite discovery session at Professional’s corporate headquarters. Assigned with a dedicated account manager from Virsys12, the partnership took off focused on a smooth Salesforce implementation. Once Salesforce was up and running, Professional decided to continue the relationship with Virsys12 by signing on to its Managed Services offering. Not only did Virsys12 assist the team with Salesforce setup and onboarding, they also played a pivotal role in constructing new tools and custom features, optimizing SQL servers and integrations, and conducting comprehensive trainings.

“One thing that set Virsys12 apart initially was the perfect synchronization between the sales process and delivery process,” remarked Nutter. “The teams’ promises aligned with their actions every step of the way. What they said they could deliver is exactly what they did, and the entire journey followed a well-defined path.”

Another aspect of working with Virsys12 that Nutter has found invaluable is the ongoing relationship with the primary account manager from Virsys12. The partnership has been founded on exceptional communication, collaboration, and understanding of the organization’s needs inside out, which has played a critical role in Professional’s continued success.

“From the start, our account manager has been the perfect embodiment of a true partner, translating our vision into reality with expert execution,” stated Nutter. “While the improvements, data, and KPIs are quite impressive, none of it would’ve been possible without the engineering and construction to build our Salesforce organization correctly. The collective expertise between our teams has allowed us to tackle complex challenges and come up with unique and efficient solutions along the way, and the dedication to safeguarding our organization’s security and maintaining the integrity of our setup has instilled a lot of trust.”

Today, the growth is visible as Professional has grown to include over 200 facilities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

“Managed Services from Virsys12 has been an absolute game-changer for Professional Physical Therapy. When we first signed on with Salesforce it was like receiving the keys to a Lamborghini, and the Virsys12 team guided us to unlock its full potential. Within just four months of the partnership, our company’s trajectory underwent a remarkable transformation. Our construction phase was completed in a blink, and the results were phenomenal. After go-live, we witnessed significant improvements in our team’s efficiency, performance, and conversion metrics, all thanks to the power of automation. With Virsys12’s help, we streamlined our processes and now have a perfectly curated, step-by-step process within Salesforce and our reporting is automated.”

-Lauren Nutter

Senior Marketing Director, Professional Physical Therapy


600% increase per week in lead conversions


5x increase in efficiency for lead handling


Up to 95.8% reduced response time to inbound leads


The partnership with Virsys12 has brought many transformative outcomes for Professional, elevating their operational performance and driving significant business growth, including:

  • Increased Efficiency in Lead Handling: Lead handling and appointment booking flows experienced a remarkable boost of 3-5 times in efficiency, streamlining crucial processes. Additionally, inbound lead response time decreased by 66.7% to 95.8%, ensuring swift and responsive customer interactions.


  • Lower Man-hours and Increased Productivity: The added efficiency empowered Professional’s agents to handle a higher volume of leads per hour, maximizing their productivity. With expanded coverage and responsiveness across extended hours and days, Professional was better equipped to meet customer demands. Considerable reduction in off-agent time spent on administrative tasks, such as lead management, queue handling, and reporting, freed up valuable resources.


  • Faster Time-to-Market: Leveraging the CRM capabilities in Salesforce, Professional gained the agility to pivot communications effortlessly. This resulted in increased exposure for additional service lines, new clinics, and essential communications, proving crucial during the challenges of the pandemic.


  • Increased Revenue Generation: The implementation of automations and flows proved instrumental in reducing lead attrition, ultimately enhancing the patient experience. With the central scheduling team fully leveraging Salesforce, Professional consistently achieves outstanding results, with a 600% increase per week in lead conversions.


  • Streamlined Expenses: By eliminating unnecessary vendors and utilizing Salesforce to its full potential in incorporating processes and procedures, Professional achieved significant cost savings. The adoption of Salesforce automation, particularly in marketing cloud functions driven by CRM data, replaced vendors that incurred substantial expenses, delivering superior results at a fraction of the cost. Strategic business decisions regarding staffing and hiring were made based on data-driven insights, optimizing resource allocation during the most valuable times and days.



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