Consolidate, rank, perform network adequacy, and monitor OIG compliance for the most intelligent and accurate provider directory.

V12 IPD Intelligent Provider Directory

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V12 IPD for an Intelligent Provider Directory

  • Consolidate Multiple Provider Data Sources

    V12 IPD is a robust and scalable platform that consolidates multiple provider data sources (both internal and external) such as CMS data, purchased or subscribed data, to build a complete up-to-date and accurate provider profile. This profile can be used for providers both in and out of network for ranking, querying and network adequacy, as well as for OIG compliance checking used in the credentialing process.

  • Expedite Time to Market and Achieve Powerful Insights

    Build and manage your network in weeks using a scaleable, robust and proven software platform; scale to new markets and add new networks with confidence and success. Reduce manual input, improve efficiency and increase margins with automated workflows, all while keeping the provider directory as accurate as possible.

  • Integrations to Popular Provider Data Sources

    Pre-mapped connectors for popular data sources and tested processes for Managed Care Organizations, Integrated Physician Networks, Accountable Care Organizations (MCOs, IPNs, ACOs), Health Systems and more. Organizations need flexibility and speed to market. V12 IPD is the answer!

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Establishing an Intelligent Provider Directory with V12 IPD

The world of healthcare is complex. And getting more so. V12 IPD (Intelligent Provider Directory) is a solution for payers, managed care organizations, providers and health systems to provide an up to date provider profile for your provider network and the providers in the market (out-of-network). V12 IPD is a real-time connected provider directory to enable query, ranking, network adequacy, and OIG compliance..

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