Provider Data Management Enhances Payer-Provider Partnerships

By Tammy Hawes | April 26, 2022

The success of payer-provider partnerships depends on a new level of collaboration. Keeping up with the expectations of members and patients regarding how they access, engage and experience healthcare requires a new type of partnership.

At Virsys12, we believe clean, accurate provider data plays a critical role in transforming the business of healthcare. This webinar will explain the importance of accurate provider data to payers, providers and members.


Learning points:

  • How the new CMS rules impact provider directory accuracy standards
  • What your organizations needs to do today to address the future of payer and provider partnerships
  • How technology can streamline and improve collaboration and regulatory requirements for provider data



Payer-Provider Partnerships - Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner

Chief Strategy Officer, Virsys12

Payer-Provider Partnerships - Christy Vitulli

Christy Vitulli

Head of Payor Strategies, Shore Capital Partners

Payer-Provider Partnerships - Dr. Jose Quesada

Dr. Jose Quesada

Managing Director, PwC



About Virsys12

Virsys12 is transforming the business of healthcare with technology — it is our passion. Solving the challenges in healthcare is not easy, but it is very rewarding to actually make a difference by providing solutions on Salesforce Health Cloud, V12 Network, and V12 IPD. These solutions not only put patients at the center of care, but also automate and streamline workflow for provider onboarding, credentialing, and contracting. We believe that in our way, we are paving the way for clinicians to do what they do best — treat patients. Virsys12 helps make their jobs easier by providing the patient and provider engagement solutions to eliminate the administrative burden of healthcare.

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