Virsys12 Launches a New Podcast to Highlight Healthcare Transformation

By Gina Nykerk | August 19, 2019

Introducing: How I Transformed This, a Podcast Presented by Virsys12

How I Transformed This spotlights successful industry leaders.

Long before cloud solutions were widely adopted in the healthcare industry, Virsys12 was transforming the business of value-based care with Salesforce. With the increasing speed of change and the complexities in new reimbursement and business models, our innovative team is focused on transforming how healthcare is consumed and delivered nationwide.

Virsys12 is showcasing our mission to empower companies with the right technology to transform themselves in a new podcast How I Transformed This, hosted by Clark Buckner, along with Virsys12 CEO and founder, Tammy Hawes. Throughout the season, they’ll speak with industry thought leaders about their own transformations, both personal and professional, while sharing their stories of success. 



One of the many guests who will be highlighted in the series is Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, SVP and GM Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. “It’s incredible to be living during this time and to see this transformation,” she told Clark and Tammy. “The industry is ready to have this conversation and transform.”

David Fredericksen, founder and CEO of PatientFocus, described how tools like Salesforce made it possible for him to scale successfully by implementing software that would meet his client’s needs and fulfill his company’s mission, putting the patient first. 

“When it comes to the billing process, the patient has always come dead last. And so patient billing requires a whole different set of systems and skill sets and people in order to do it right,” he said. “We have really great people that are empowered by the tools Salesforce has enabled us to create and put forth.”

Healthcare innovation is in high-demand. Being able to adapt to and manage the complexities caused by change is the key to success – and the goal of Virsys12. But Tammy was quick to share that transformation takes more than just technology. “You have to know what the healthcare industry does, what the regulations are, what the challenges are, and what the opportunity is,” she said. 


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