Sparks Fly at Salesforce Service Cloud Campfire

October 30, 2018

80% of customers evenly rate the value of their experience with the product itself. If that doesn’t get your attention, you’ve likely missed the boat to be a customer centered business. From healthcare to financial services to manufacturing…service matters. Last week, about 40 Salesforce Service Cloud users came together for a “Campfire,” in Nashville; a day-long, hands-on session with top shelf Salesforce Service Cloud experts.

Service Cloud Experts

Our expert firemen were solutions engineers Tim Long, Barry Nelson and Curt Morris from Atlanta and New York. They were joined by Service Cloud Prime Kaveh Vakili, and these leaders walked attendees through exercises (workbook included) geared to help customer Salesforce users connect the dots on recent upgrades and additional functionality in Service Cloud. Participants were provided with their own trial environment to work in during the session, also available to share work with teammates back at their companies. All activities were geared toward uncovering the biggest value drivers for business.

From case management, customized views and Knowledge to creating customer communities, agent pages, tailoring the console and macros, the menu was hot indeed. And participants were happy campers according to feedback. And did I mention this event was free to attend?

The Future of Service Cloud

Where is Service Cloud going next? We offer it in two letters “A” “I” (Service Cloud Einstein). Companies can now leverage Einstein Bots for Service to automate routine service requests and enable frictionless agent handoffs. Lightning Flow for Service empowers businesses with tools to quickly design and automate customer engagement processes, and Einstein Next Best Action empowers agents by delivering intelligent recommendations and offers for customers. Can you say productivity?

Campfire SessionIf there is no Campfire in your area, dig into Trailhead for similar step by step instructions and join the Trailblazer Community to draw upon crowd sourced feedback and an assist where you need it. Final words from the instructors: Use Trailhead, join the Trailblazer Community and if you are not already on it, convert to the Lightning Experience for Service Cloud.

Want to hear from a third party about the advantages of Service Cloud? Check out the analysis by Software Advice (a Gartner company) or ask Virsys12 to share with you some of our Service Cloud customer success stories. Check out the free ROI calculator to see how Service Cloud might benefit your organization.

Do you associate the success of Salesforce totally based on the original Sales Cloud solution? If you serve customers, you’ll want to be sure you’re considering how Salesforce Service Cloud can take your business to the next level. Already have Service Cloud? Be sure your team is getting trained on all three yearly upgrades from Salesforce and you are use the Lightning Experience UX. If you need help with any of this, Virsys12 can help.

How does Service Cloud fit with other offerings like Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud and more? They are all built with the same DNA and work seamlessly together to form the platform for your specific business needs. This integrated platform allows you to serve the customer throughout their journey from their first impression to the most recent touch, all connected so you know their need.

Salesforce Service Cloud Tips:

  • In the service cloud console – many records (cases) can be open at the same time – a visualization construct you can use for any SF object.
  • Gap between classic and lightning is a footer component that allow you to pop out a component and view on a second monitor. This upgrade will appear in the future – multi-monitor support. No word yet if left or right aligned.
  • Upvote content needs with the Community – search ideas forum to see if anyone else is asking the same thing – upvote the idea and it will have a good chance to happen.
  • Attend your Salesforce customer advisory board and voice your needs, it makes a difference.

That is a wrap on a great day with the global #1 CRM. Next time you have an opportunity to attend a Campfire, confirm your tree stump quickly, and bask in the warmth of a day well spent becoming better at what you do. Want to know more about Service Cloud or any Salesforce products? Solving business challenges with Salesforce is what we do at Virsys12, so connect at solutions @, @virsys12 or (615) 800-6768.