Greenville Health System (GHS) launched its Accountable Care Organization (ACO), MyHealth First Network (MyHFN) and needed a centralized, comprehensive technology solution to provide the foundation for long-term operational stability, scalability and success for thousands of Medicare and self-insured members. GHS partnered with Virsys12 to create a Salesforce implementation solution including Virsys12’s proprietary V12 Network application. Operational within 90 days and incorporating more than 30,000 Medicare member lives and 1,200+ active physicians and provider group contracts, V12 Network has led to a 100% reduction in administrative time, a 75% reduction in time required for provider directory updates, a 90% reduction in time to produce the provider directory and a 70% improvement in accuracy of member and physician data.

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Greenville Health System Launches ACO in 90 Days With V12 Network

Academic health system launches its first Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Greenville Health System (GHS) is an academic health system and the largest not-for-profit healthcare delivery system in South Carolina. It is home to 15 medical residency and fellowship programs and to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. MyHealth First Network (MyHFN) is GHS’s newly launched Accountable Care Organization (ACO), now incorporating 68 affiliated provider groups with 2,000 physicians across 10 counties (and growing).

ACO complexity demands more sophisticated technology

GHS needed to have a core operational technology platform for the ACO in place quickly at the launch of MyHFN. The staff relied mostly on Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, Access and paper-based processes, to capture the physician network and demographic data necessary to operate and provide reporting for the ACO. In preparation for MyHFN, GHS searched for a centralized, comprehensive technology solution to administer reporting and handle the complexities inherent in operating an ACO, including contracting and knowing which provider groups were participating in each patient population. Needs ranged from managing the physician network and tracking provider groups and contracts, to managing members and their data, to regular communication and support of all constituents.

MyHFN was designed to serve both Medicare and self-insured member populations, and it needed to fully integrate with the GHS website. GHS saw this an opportunity to eliminate data silos and time-consuming processes, such as formatting reports in Access and Excel.

The pressure was on to find a technology platform that would not only meet these objectives but also provide the foundation for long-term operational stability and success for thousands of members who would be relying on a fully functional ACO for coordinated, value-based care.

A solution tailor-made for ACO management accelerates the decision-making process

As Greenville explored potential technology platforms for maximizing efficiency and data accuracy within MyHFN, it hoped to find a model that could be replicated in other areas of GHS to provide the same cost-saving benefits.

Salesforce, with its robust capabilities and flexible, cloud-based products, was an early favorite. GHS was introduced to Virsys12, a Certified Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner that specializes in healthcare. In late 2014, Virsys12 presented the Greenville leadership team with their newly released V12 Network®, a Salesforce application developed specifically for ACO management, and the decision was clear.

“The Virsys12 team brought tremendous industry experience and best practices specific to healthcare and the business of building an ACO,” says John Supra, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Greenville Health Systems. “We recognized their ability to customize many features specific to our own model, and it has had a high impact on our process.”

ACO expertise bridges technology and need, quickly

Virsys12 implemented their proprietary V12 Network application in January of 2015, and the MyHealth First Network ACO was operational for their initial population group in 90 days. The Salesforce implementation also included deployment of Sales Cloud, Chatter and Salesforce’s mobile features, as well as the Drawloop app and custom solutions to allow MyHFN to automate complicated reports.

Within the 90-day timeframe as a Salesforce implementation partner, more than 30,000 Medicare member lives and 1,200+ active physicians and provider group contracts were incorporated into the MyHFN system. The platform is now used for total ACO operational management as well as health system community/employer outreach. Care coordinators use the system to track patient/member issues and case management, and integration with the GHS website has allowed for provider directory integration.

Efficiencies and accuracy rates skyrocket

V12 Network and Salesforce implementation enabled the total elimination of the provider application process, resulting in a 100% reduction in administrative time. Other dramatic improvements included a 75% reduction in time for provider directory updates, a 90% reduction in time to produce the provider directory and a 70% improvement in accuracy of member and physician data.

Organizational agility and effectiveness have also improved upon Salesforce implementation with Virsys12. Increased analytics and the integration with diverse third party groups in the network allow better data for decision making. Time needed to manage data for reporting has decreased—a significant benefit considering the amount of reporting required for CMS reimbursement. GHS also attributes the increased number of physician affiliations and contracts post launch to Virsys12’s successful implementation of the Salesforce technology platform for their ACO.

“V12 Network provides a total ACO management solution for our team,” says Supra. “It has made an immediate impact on our ACO in record time.”

GHS, its patients, providers and the community at large are only beginning to see benefits of this operational Salesforce platform for their ACO. Building on the success of the MyHFN launch, the model is now being replicated to create another separate ACO network owned by GHS. And Virsys12 is by their side.

"V12 Network provides a total ACO management solution for our team. It has made an immediate impact on our ACO in record time." - John Supra, Executive Director

V12 Network provided the capability for MyHFN to:

• Build and manage their physician network, including contract management and specific provider participation and fee schedule information
• Track the pipeline of building the provider network through business development efforts and employer outreach to market and sell wellness services
• Manage two member networks (Medicare, Self-Insured)
• Communicate with physicians and members in each network and track interactions
• Manage other third party integrations including and DemandTools
• Provide powerful analytic dashboards and reporting for decision makers using out of the box as well as custom advanced formatted reports and forms using Drawloop and other custom developed solutions