• Access More Data

    Relevant data flows seamlessly into and out of Salesforce on your schedule

  • Integrate More, Faster

    Access multiple data sources, including EHRs, using pre-built templates meeting all FHIR HL7 integration standards.

  • Find Your Secure Fit

    HIPAA compliant, cloud-based or on-premise versions

V12 Connect™ will facilitate and accelerate your interoperability goal

Virsys12’s new middleware engine empowers seamless integration of healthcare data with Salesforce EMR software and other patient database systems. V12 Connect provides pre-built templates – efficiently securing unstructured and structured EMR data in all formats meeting HL7 standards including the recent HL7 FHIR integration (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

Our proprietary API interface software engine accesses your needed data from previously inaccessible electronic health records (EHRs) including 3rd party data they contain, patient databases, electronic medical records (EMRs), insurance claims, lab records and more. Pre-built templates for this EMR software assure data quality, security and speed with FHIR HL7 integration. V12 Connect simplifies technology so you can focus on healthcare.

Download the V12 CONNECT Product Sheet