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What We Do: Managed Services, Training & Ongoing Support

We progress how healthcare companies work proactively through customer relationship management by implementing and creating a strategy for using Salesforce. 

To put it simply, we consult with companies on how to manage, train, and use the Salesforce program with our Salesforce support services. We help show you how to organize customer data, billing, project management, analytics, etc. We also help train, enhance, and maintain your program with our Salesforce support services.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is software allows you to have different applications under one cloud-based system made easy to use, collaborate and securely share information. That means no more silo’d systems, eparate graphs, spreadsheets, and documents under different various applications. Everything will be under Salesforce to your benefit, and Virsys12 will show you how.

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If you launched your Salesforce support software, we help further assist you on how it can be used constructively. Salesforce could be complex software, and we want to make sure you are making the most out of your investment. Virsys12 is here to help you with our Salesforce support services. With our Managed Services, training, and ongoing support, we stay consistent and assure that you don’t just get salesforce implementation, but also understand the software.

How we can help

The Virsys12 team is experienced with operating software. For a period of time after the software launches, our Salesforce support services team will advance how your company utilizes the program to get the most out of the application for efficient use.

Managed Services

We include a flexible hours package with access to our seasoned Salesforce consultants to assist with:

  • On-boarding
  • Training new users
  • Making adjustments
  • Assessing new phases in technology expansion

Depending on what you need, your company can choose a part-time Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Development Services.

We hope to guarantee the implementation period is efficient and your system is always running smoothly.

Salesforce Training

Salesforce is a powerful platform. Our Salesforce support services can transform the business of healthcare with customer relationship management. Healthcare is multi-faceted, between medical professionals, patients, recorded data, and even billing. Keeping track of information under one system can get complicated, but Virsys12 makes it easy, and we show you how.

Our managed and support package will leave you knowledgeable on working the system. We show team members how to properly keep track of everything and use the smart software in an orderly manner.

Ongoing support with Salesforce Support Services

After the application is initiated, it is important to keep up with maintaining Salesforce to ensure it continues to work effectively. Our team of experts is well informed in support services. We ensure your organization receives the ultimate return on investment (ROI) when we implement this application.

We make sure the entire process is affordable. This program is the most cost-effective way to supplement your existing Salesforce Administrator or provide a complete outsourced solution for Salesforce support.

Using our system puts you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Virsys12 Salesforce Process

We don’t skip a beat in helping ongoing enhancements. Our consulting experts begin with discovery questions to learn about your business and explore your needs, goals, and challenges.

The services we offer are designed to address what is currently happening with the Salesforce system. We also discuss the flexibility to scale the program in the future.

What you get with our Salesforce Support Services expertise:

  • A team of Salesforce Certified Resources
  • A dedicated customer support channel
    • Unique email address to log support tickets
  • Regularly scheduled planning meetings to assess:
    • Future company plans
    • Salesforce requirements research
    • Architecture planning
    • Agile implementation of necessary changes
  • Someone always available to help

Our goal…

Stay focused on your business.

With our Salesforce Support Services, we are here to assist you so you can make each day as productive as possible. No more worrying about technology issues, system crashes, or even problems in transferring data. Virsys12 helps solve problems before they even arise by troubleshooting community and technical support, as well as with Salesforce builder and Salesforce workflow. We want to proactively make your workflow simpler, workdays easier, and work costs cheaper.

Virsys12 helps you with salesforce implementation so that our team can assist you with the process tomorrow. Email us at or give us a call (615) 800-6768.

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