Why Salesforce’s AI Plans Are Good News for Your Big Data

June 7, 2016

Salesforce made headlines recently when it announced that it had bought MetaMind, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to help organizations crunch through data and make better decisions. The MetaMind deal comes on the heels of several other AI-related technology acquisitions by Salesforce over the past two years.

While AI might sound like sci-fi, the business applications are decidedly down to earth. Thanks to new technology developments, organizations can easily amass huge amounts of customer data. Sorting through and acting on all that data, however, hasn’t been so easy. AI-related technologies like MetaMind’s promise to simplify and automate the process so organizations can get more value from the most relevant data they’re collecting.

A recent article in Fortune Magazine explores how Salesforce clients stand to benefit from the company’s investments in AI solutions, which provide the ability to further personalize support and many other business processes.