Why Does Salesforce Matter? Because Health Matters

September 12, 2016


At Virsys12, our purpose is to build success for others. We do that by being a true partner to each of our clients, helping them be strategic in building technology so that it propels them quickly, effectively and meaningfully towards their goals.

We do it with Salesforce®. Why Salesforce? Because my job is client success. My voice joins a global chorus of others who are quick to point out the flexibility, adaptability and ease of experience using America’s #1 CRM. We use the software platform for sales and marketing, but more than that, to customize business processes on the platform to meet needs for so many successful clients. The numbers tell the story.

Today, Salesforce is releasing a study they completed with IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, to measure the projected impact of the Salesforce ecosystem—including the creation of 1.9 million jobs and the addition of $389 billion in GDP worldwide by 2020. The claim is based on a measure of Salesforce’s record of propelling increased innovation, which leads to accelerated development schedules, faster project completion, shorter time to market for new products and lower operational costs.

For Virsys12, a stellar example was evident this week when NAACOS (National Association of ACOs) released the 2015 Performance Year Results. Two of the top 30% of ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), MissionPoint Health Partners and Greenville Health Systems’ MyHealth First Network, are operating and scaling using our own V12 ACO®, available on the AppExchange®. Building with V12 ACO, we were able to make MyHealth First operational in 90 days. It solidified what we always say: You can use your own internal resources and take years to customize your technology for ACO structure and payments, or use our tested V12 ACO and save time and money both for launch and for future scale.

This new IDC report also confirms our assurance of a fast ROI. Salesforce customers said that, on average, they have experienced payback from their Salesforce investments in 13 months or less. According to the research, over four years, aggregate worldwide investments in Salesforce products should yield three to five times the financial benefits compared to cost. Now that is good news.

Today, Virsys12 focuses on healthcare because we have a very deep bench of expertise in this field, the need is great and it aligns with our purpose. Our team finds great satisfaction knowing the work we do helps people who are crying out for help. We know that somewhere, at 2:00 am, someone with an addiction problem is finally reaching out to one of our behavioral health clients for answers—and because of the technology we implemented and customized, he will get a fast response and a path to hope. For our team, that makes a difference.

No industry is undergoing transformation like the business of healthcare. We’re glad we’re using a software platform that is more than up for the challenge. If you haven’t considered Salesforce before, we hope this study opens the door for that conversation. If you’re using Salesforce but you have not discovered the myriad ways it can reduce your overhead, improve your efficiency and increase your insights for a better tomorrow, we’re ready to collaborate with you now to make it happen. From Lightning to Einstein, we can help you integrate your legacy data, create a strategy for change at the pace you need and do it with a guarantee.

You can read the study here if you want more detail. Better yet, get in touch with us and let’s get started.