New Health Innovation Initiative Brings Consumer-Centered Care to the Forefront

March 15, 2016

The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation officially launched last month, signaling a significant push toward putting patients at the center of the healthcare universe. With the backing of a five-year, $14.8 million legacy grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, this initiative promises to amplify the voice of the patient, both in reshaping the way healthcare is delivered and in playing a greater role in their own care.

A recent Health Affairs Blog post summarizing the official launch event quotes Donald Berwick, president emeritus and senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, who notes: “We have enormous evidence, overwhelming scientific evidence, that when people can control their own care, the care gets better, and generally—by the way—the costs fall dramatically.”

Consumer-centered care is a win for all involved, but it will require healthcare organizations to plan, adjust and adapt. For patients to “be the sun,” robust, interoperable and consumer-connected systems for managing all aspects of the patient experience will be critical.

Read the post for a full recap of January’s launch event and additional helpful links.