Modernize Payer and Provider Collaboration with Cloud Technology

By Tammy Hawes | June 8, 2022

As healthcare organizations move forward with strategic initiatives to transform healthcare, – solving the administrative burden of payer and provider collaboration is important step. The goal being to better serve patients and members. Transforming the business of health care can be messy without the right Technology and Solutions in place. Ensuring that your systems and processes across your enterprise are supporting improved outcomes, efficient and safe care can all be improved when you have the right technology in place.

Join Salesforce and Virsys12 as they talk about the business problems they solve for using cloud-based technology to build best in class solutions across the healthcare industry.


Learning points:

  • Simple ways to eliminate manual processes
  • How other payers and providers are taking advantage of technology to reduce administrative burden and cost
  • How patients and members ultimately benefit from better access to care with real time provider directory information
  • What does the future look like and how do payers and providers get ahead of government mandates with technology solutions?



Tammy Hawes

CEO and Founder, Virsys12

Payer-Provider Partnerships - Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner

Chief Strategy Officer, Virsys12

Kevin Riley

Chief Customer Officer | Health and Life Sciences, Salesforce

Joanne Berrios

General Manager, Industry Strategy and Solutions | Health and Life Sciences, Salesforce



About Virsys12

Virsys12 is transforming the business of healthcare with technology — it is our passion. Solving the challenges in healthcare is not easy, but it is very rewarding to actually make a difference by providing solutions on Salesforce Health Cloud, V12 Network, and V12 IPD. These solutions not only put patients at the center of care, but also automate and streamline workflow for provider onboarding, credentialing, and contracting. We believe that in our way, we are paving the way for clinicians to do what they do best — treat patients. Virsys12 helps make their jobs easier by providing the patient and provider engagement solutions to eliminate the administrative burden of healthcare.

If you’d like to learn more about V12 Network, V12 IPD, and our services, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.