Maximize Your Conference Time: The Why

April 19, 2018

In a few short days, we’ll be heading to another conference. The Care Coordination Institute is having their 5th Annual Symposium in Greenville, SC: a multi-state conference geared toward thought leaders driving healthcare transformation—with a focus on provider network management.

Why are we going? (We always answer “why” before investing our time in any effort.)

Because it offers our team:

  1. Transformation: Transformation is the theme of the conference, and it is a core value for Virsys12. We need to feed our vision of the future in order to provide our customers the strategic technology consulting we are recognized for in healthcare.
  2. Collaboration: Because working and learning together makes us better. Learning what we don’t know and sharing what we DO know elevates our game. Collaboration is also a Virsys12 core value.
  3. Opportunity: We’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends and perhaps introduce new ideas of what successful change in healthcare technology looks like with other customers of Virsys12 across the nation.
  4. Growth: We have friends and associates No matter how great web-enabled meetings can be, there is nothing like spending real “face time” with those we already serve.

Together, we’ll be challenged to achieve the change so needed across the healthcare continuum for better patient outcomes.

And after all, we’re all patients at one time or another. On a personal level, we want to have the best healthcare can offer. The business of healthcare may not be as exciting as the hands-on care of patients, but it is critical to empowering human touch at the right time for the right result.

Whatever the conference, symposium, seminar or learning experience you choose for your team, make sure you’re not stuck in the office every day. Get out and learn, collaborate and grow. Share the power of community and new ideas to affirm your work and transform the world for better.

PS: Attending the CCI Symposium? Come visit us in the booth area outside the main ballroom – we’re a Silver sponsor along with our Salesforce partner. Or reach out via solutions @, 615.800.6768,,  @virsys12