Just What the Provider and Payer Ordered – A Prescription for V12 Network

September 19, 2017

prescription for V12 NetworkOne of the most powerful changes in healthcare is taking place as the market moves toward reimbursement changes, whether fee for service or value-based care.  There is a blend of payers and providers working together, striving for lower cost and for better outcomes for patients. This new unlikely marriage of previously distant participants in healthcare is moving at blinding speed.

The vision for better patient care at lower cost continues to grow along with demand for cohesive, integrated provider networks that can be tracked and managed throughout the health/life-cycle of patients. From recruiting physicians, contracting and fee schedule, onboarding and credentialing, and  issue resolution, the business of healthcare, with more workflow automation and analytics to improve efficiency, is more than the functionality and data stored within an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

A dream of future state? Actually, no… Many organizations are using V12 Network, an operational platform built to manage the complex many-to-many relationships involved in managing provider networks and the reporting required for reimbursement.

Want to know more? Check out this webinar featuring the Care Coordination Institute, Salesforce, and Virsys12 executives: