How To Efficiently Maintain Healthcare Relationship Management in a Digital World

By Tammy Hawes | June 28, 2021

Using a Transformative Digital Landscape to Accelerate ROI

The digital landscape went from separate spreadsheets and documents to taking all those items necessary to communicate in a cohesive way with patients and health plan members in a cloud system like Salesforce. Also, knowing medical conditions and preferences about patients and members is critical for organizations to realize their Return of Investment (ROI) for implementing cloud technology. We call this new paradigm “the patient journey” or “the member journey” or “the provider journey”, and it is very important in this new digital world.

Building Trust

Patients and members gain value from your organization when collaboration is made easy with CRM and digital engagement, and so do you! Healthcare organizations build and strengthen trust between their healthcare consumers by having data in real-time to communicate proactively and uniquely based on specific demographics and medical conditions. Cloud based system like Salesforce bring healthcare consumers and healthcare providers information under one application. Adding an AppExchange package such as V12 Network for provider network management automates processes from onboarding to rate negotiation providing real-time updates for the provider directory. It is real-time data at your fingertips, and it also allows healthcare organizations to use analytics for tracking and reporting information through an automated system.

In healthcare, for example, patient and member satisfaction and healthcare provider satisfaction can be fulfilled under one easy process. Providers and practitioners also can update their profiles with approval processes to ensure your organization has the most recent information on that specific person or provider group.

One of the most frustrating aspects for a patient, member or provider experience is when they have a question and cannot get a direct answer with one call. These types of problems are solved through Customer Call Centers using CRM solutions enhanced specifically for healthcare using applications like Salesforce Health Cloud and V12 Network.

Automating Increasingly Productive Workdays

Focus on your business. That is what everyone should be doing, right? With a 360-degree view of each provider, employees can see all the data from on-boarding, credentialing to contracting and focus on the priorities of your business. With a 360-degree view of patients and members, costs are also reduced because automation cuts out duplicate documents and data entry. Your organization can collaborate with all healthcare constituents by using customer portals designed specifically for the members, patients, or providers.

For example, the V12 Network provider network management platform uses Salesforce’s Health Cloud capabilities to automate workflows and assign users to specific work across the entire ecosystem, encompassing providers, health systems, payers, employers, service and support, and patient member services. More than just managing the data, this is about using your data in smart ways to make your entire operations function more effectively.

Imagine the Possibilities for Healthcare

The role CRM and digital engagement takes on your company will far outweigh the cost and change management required to implement. Your employees expect to have the tools necessary to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. Healthcare consumers and providers expect it, and the time is now for transformation in this new digital world. To learn more about this topic, read Virsys12’s article in Forbes here