From Spreadsheets to Smartphones: How Innovation Has Transformed Healthcare

April 17, 2019

It’s been two months since Virsys12 attended and presented at HIMSS19 and while the excitement from the event has faded, the ideas, discussions, partnerships and collaborations that stem from the event are just taking root. There’s a transformation happening in healthcare, and can be seen firsthand at HIMSS. But it’s a microcosmic glance at the real transformation happening in healthcare today; a transformation that builds little by little, innovation by innovation, year by year, over decades of collaboration and hard work. Tammy Hawes, CEO of Virsys12, sat down with Clark Buckner at the Medhost Podcast Lounge to discuss the innovation she has witnessed over her career that has transformed – and is continuing to transform – healthcare. Take 15 minutes and listen in on their discussion.