Get More From Digital Engagement in Healthcare

By Tammy Hawes | October 1, 2021

Is Digital 360 worth the hype?

The short answer is “absolutely”.

Virsys12 has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for nearly 10 years, and during that time we’ve completed almost 1,000 projects focused primarily on the healthcare industry. Our clients are always looking for better ways to keep healthcare consumers engaged and up to date. From the initial outreach efforts to providers, patients, or members, to the ongoing support and interactions, a unified and integrated platform is more important than ever before. That’s why we’re so excited about Digital 360 from Salesforce.

It allows businesses to connect with their audiences on the platforms they prefer, and the ways they want. When healthcare organizations have the capabilities of understanding each individual patient, member, or provider, they’re able to better suit everyone’s specific needs. This is especially important in healthcare, where maintaining a strong connection with patients and members can be vital to their continued wellbeing and collaboration with providers can be key to quality healthcare.

Digital 360 also has three exceptionally important aspects responsible for the success of its users:

It’s driven by data.

By integrating your patient or member systems, EMR or claims systems, marketing technology, service portals, and social media together on a cloud-based platform, you can effectively create a more educated strategy to engage.

It’s obsessed with customer experience. 

After compiling and organizing all of your data, you’ll be able to create personalized experiences for everyone, essentially giving you the power to please every healthcare consumer’s touch point.

It’s future-proof.

Instead of a standard software update, Digital 360 is designed as an evolving technology in itself. In other words, everyone and everything else adapts to Digital 360, as it’s become the industry standard of making companies (and technologies) absolutely agile.

The pandemic changed customer expectations dramatically. People now expect a faster response time, which means companies must implement workflows to share information seamlessly from one department to another. Digital 360 provides 360-degree view of the customer, which is essential for mobile and real-time communication interdepartmentally as well as with your healthcare consumers.

However, a technology solution alone won’t transform an organization. Even with the powerful tools offered by Digital 360, there needs to be a focus on change management. Humans, by nature, resist change. An organization needs strong leadership and great communication to inspire collaboration between employees, provider, patients, and members. The experience of a partner like Virsys12 can help you get there.


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