Choosing an integration strategy is not a ‘one and done’ activity

July 9, 2017


We can certainly appreciate this quote from the Data Center Journal article “Data Integration Front Line” highlighting 4 reasons every business should carefully consider how to integrate data for better business.

Some strategic technology plans don’t even consider integration. It often comes after the project starts when someone realizes potential for bringing more data in (or out) to enhance the enormous impact of analytics and BI.

Can your business intelligence really be smart if it doesn’t look at all the available information?

Although the benefits of a “think data integration first” strategy are multiple as the article states, far too many businesses hesitate to invest the time and resources to bring key data together because of cost, time, or lack of information about technology advances such as integration platforms (like our OEM partner Trinisys offers with their Convergence platform).  We worked with Trinisys to create a middleware engine for healthcare called V12 Connect, allowing the integration of healthcare data with the Salesforce platform to be faster and more affordable as the industry moves closer to the interoperability standard.

Simply building integrations on a point by point basis comes with complexity and risk of its own. Gartner addressed this in blog last year on integration as a platform (iPaaS) by Mei Selvage.

Whether you have an integration strategy or not, read these articles and to help guide your plan to use all available data to drive decisions for success.