Business Advice for Entrepreneurs from Virsys12’s Paul Peterson

December 13, 2016

In a recent epPaul Petersonisode of the Channel 5+ series SCORE on Business, host Pete Hendrix interviewed Virsys12’s Paul Peterson about his experiences as a successful entrepreneur. Paul also discussed why he decided to make the move to a full-time leadership position with Visrys12.

He joined our team after managing his successful consulting firm for about ten years. Paul says he felt two things were missing: the collaborative effort of working with a team on a regular basis and the opportunity to develop deeper expertise in a specific area. As Paul explains, Virsys12’s flexible, entrepreneurial style, collaborative approach and singular focus on using Salesforce® as a flexible technology platform customized for healthcare business processes gave him the best of all worlds.

We invite you to listen as Paul also shares advice and lessons learned from experiences running his own successful company and the future he is building with Virsys12.

Watch the full interview here.