How Cloud Data and Analytics Are Boosting Healthcare Innovation for Patients and Providers

By Tammy Hawes | December 13, 2021

healthcare innovation with cloud dataAccelerating Healthcare Innovation With Cloud Data Analytics

Cloud technology, machine learning, and in-depth analytics across the healthcare industry are redefining patient care, patient experience, provider experience, and innovation. Learn about the latest trends in healthcare cloud solutions and analytics and how they’re fueling the next wave of healthcare innovation.

3 Ways Cloud Computing Will Redefine Healthcare Innovation

Cloud solutions allow healthcare organizations to scale faster and reach more users in a cost effective manner. This is true whether the users are patients or members accessing an online portal for scheduling and checking their test results, or a provider inquiring about a recent claims payment. Cloud platforms also have the benefit of being secure while making access easier than ever before.

1. Patient-Centered Ecosystems

Patients expect easy access to their doctor and their health insurance company in real-time when it is convenient for them. The reality of healthcare is that it should be about the patient. the industry exists to serve the patient in a proactive way and find transformational methods of specifically treating and preventing disease to most effectively ensure better patient outcomes. Outcome based payment initiatives like value based care are furthering the initiatives to patients with drugs and procedures that may not create a healthier patient. Data and technology make these new outcome based initiatives a reality, and patients expect this type of service from their healthcare providers and health plans. A recent McKinsey article “Innovation and value: What payer-led managed-care models may look like” sums up the opportunity for payers to lead the way with patient engagement by using transformational cloud based technology.

2. Machine Learning Can Help Support Earlier Detection and Preventative Care

Data is abundant in healthcare, but the real utopia opportunity is to mine that data in real-time to initiate automated and proactive processes. Think of the healthcare dollars that can be saved and the patients that can be helped if our healthcare data looked for patients that are taking drugs that adversely interact or automated reminders annually for women’s exams and every five years colonoscopies. Lives can be saved by the technology that already exists in machine learning and AI. Now these platforms can be extended to other cloud based solutions to initiate action with automated workflow.

3. The Amazon-Way-Of-Business for Healthcare

We are all patients at some point in our lives, and we’ve become accustomed to having access to our profile information, past history, and upcoming events in an online and mobile ready platform. The expectation has developed as a result of our experiences with other online tools such as Uber, Facebook, Doordash, and Amazon. As consumers, we have difficulty understanding why it can’t be the same with our medical experience. By accelerating innovation with cloud data analytics, healthcare organizations are able to provide a patient centered experience while eliminating manual processes and ultimately creating more efficiencies for the staff.

Looking Ahead

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