7 Reasons to Attend our Circles of Success Event with Salesforce on June 11th

June 7, 2019

If you’re in the business of healthcare and are considering or currently using Salesforce, you won’t want to miss Salesforce Circles of Success.

Intrigued, but not quite ready to give us your Tuesday? Here are seven reasons why Circles of Success is the BEST way you can spend your time:

  1. The Sessions! The roundtable sessions we’re hosting (with Salesforce staff flown in from around the country) include:
  • How to use marketing automation to reach the right patients
  • Tips for using Service Cloud to increase patient engagement
  • What it takes to take your patient experience mobile
  • How to use Health Cloud to get a 360-degree view of your patients so you can understand their needs and put them at the center of care
  • The ins and outs of using V12 Network on Salesforce to manage your provider network
  • How to Leverage Salesforce Premier Success
  1. The Insights! Because Salesforce offers such a comprehensive healthcare solution, you might discover new opportunities that you hadn’t even thought of before, from improving operational efficiencies to navigating and reconciling different systems to transforming patient care.
  2. Increased Productivity! There are seemingly endless challenges that come with managing vast provider networks, scaling programs, integrating diverse systems and generally staying ahead of a constantly changing healthcare environment. A deeper understanding of the capabilities Salesforce brings to the table will empower you to move forward faster, all while improving business and operational outcomes.
  3. The Expertise! With Salesforce and Virsys12 experts on hand, you’ll be able to get your questions answered personally and take back technical recommendations for keeping your Salesforce journey on track in an ever-changing healthcare environment.
  4. Optimization ASAP! Every customer has a journey with Salesforce, but not every journey is the same. With the complexity of healthcare today, it’s important to make sure you’re optimizing what you’re doing and getting the maximum impact out of the leading CRM platform in the world today. This event will enable you to get even more out of Salesforce.
  5. Your Peers! Not only will you glean insights from Salesforce experts, you’ll be learning from others in your industry who are trailblazing alongside you, allowing you to make new connections with fellow Nashville Salesforce users.
  6. It’s FREE! You pay to go to Dreamforce, you travel to go to World Tour and Connections and Trailhead. This is a Salesforce event, hosted locally, with the same exceptional Salesforce experts hosting the discussion. And, we repeat, it’s FREE. Reschedule your meetings and make it a priority to attend this event. It’s not to be missed!

We only have a few seats left, so don’t delay. We’ll see you at our (new) office in Brentwood on Tuesday!



We look forward to seeing you there, but if you have questions for our experts in the meantime, get in touch!