Maintain an accurate provider directory, monitor OIG compliance, and perform the credentialing process using V12 Network

What is Provider Network Management in healthcare?

A Provider Network Management Application for Healthcare is a solution that helps health plan payers and health systems maintain and organize data from the provider for the purpose of building and managing a provider network. From initial market outreach to provider on-boarding to credentialing to rate negotiation and contracting, V12 Network manages the most complex network assignment and provider directory requirements with quick return on investment (ROI).

V12 Network for Provider Network Management in Healthcare

  • Accelerate ROI and Customize to Your Workflow with V12 Network

    Tailor your provider network management software to your organization's needs using V12’s Network built on the Salesforce platform and available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Build and manage your own custom network requirements specific to your processes, rules and requirements. Monitor Office of Inspector General (OIG) data with our proprietary plug-in to ProviderTrust, which searches for practitioners that have exclusions. Perform the credentialing process and contract process including rate negotiations with the provider.

    V12 executes and delivers and is the most reliable application to use! The network includes:

    Pre-mapped and tested processes for Health Plans/Payers
    Managed Care Organizations
    Integrated Physician Networks
    Accountable Care Organizations (MCOs, IPNs, ACOs)
    Health Systems
    Third-Party Administrators (TPA's)

    V12 effectively reduces manual input with an automated workflow system. We help your company create a more productive work environment and quicken the ROI for payers and your organization. Payers are happy. Providers are happy. Virsys12 Salesforce consultants are happy… to help.

  • Save Time and Get Result You Can Prove

    Virsys12 Salesforce consultants show you how you can build your network using a scalable and powerful software platform, expand to new markets and add new networks with confidence and success. Get strong insights you can show and display to help promote your organization.

    V12 Network can be implemented in record time. This Provider Network Management software displays integrated trends and comparative data for improved decision-making used to manage your network. It has secure, HIPAA-compliant access and reporting making a positive impact on your organization and your team. V12 Network includes:

    Provider Outreach & Development
    State agency, Employer, Member Entity Outreach and Development
    Provider Onboarding, Credentialing and Fee Schedule/Payment Methodology setup
    Electronic Network Contracting with stages (merging in payment terms)
    Integration to CAQH, OIG, and State registries, and your claims system
    Member Attributions List
    (with Health Cloud)
    Member Engagement Campaign
    (with Marketing Cloud)
    Integration with internal systems and Analytics
    (with Mulesoft and Einstein and Tableau)

  • Automate your workflow (BPM) using V12 Network

    Create a workflow for your organization and make business process management easy using the V12 Network. There are many steps that various departments need to take in order to collaborate. From initial provider outreach and completed application to credentialing and contracting, we make sure your organization can see a 360-degree view of your provider organizations and their practitioners.

    V12 Network configures your workflow and assigns users to specific work. With this feature, healthcare companies can stay informed of any missing information and keep track of key steps in the process. Once all of the steps are completed from the contracting process with accurate fee schedules and contract terms included, you can interface this data to your claims processing systems.

    Linking unrelated systems under one uniform application is reliable, secure, and, did we mention efficient? For value-based contracting, the fee for service, or a hybrid model, healthcare reimbursement is changing. Providers and Health Plan Payers must keep up with these changes, but it is not easy. Organizations need flexibility and speed to market. V12 Network is the answer to getting your company ahead of the curve!

See V12 Network in Action!

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Your Customized Operational Platform for Provider Network Management

The world of healthcare is complex. And getting more so. V12 Network is a seamless technology for managing complexity from operations and relationships for providers and health systems, to payers, employers, service and support to patient member services. V12 Network is a comprehensive relationship & network management system that helps to organize and manage fragmented healthcare information and operations.

V12 Network is built on the same highly flexible and scalable Salesforce Platform used in complex organizations across the globe.

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