• Maximize Wave Analytics Cloud™

    The fastest way to comprehensive visualization of your healthcare data.

  • Accelerate Shared Savings

    Integrate complicated inflow based on new reimbursement models mixed with traditional pay.

  • Analyze More Data Sources

    Drill down, up, in and out for visual answers to questions within and outside your organization.

Relevant, actionable data faster than ever

Our network optimizer application provides advanced, real-time healthcare data visualization powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud. With V12 NetOpt, identify what is working best in your organization and pinpoint trouble spots before they grow. Move from organization-wide views to the most granular in a fluid, visual healthcare data visualization interface.

V12 NetOpt allows plug and play Salesforce analytics data from any external source and generates powerful healthcare data visualization reports to give your team relevant, actionable information faster than ever before. So you can make healthcare better.

Download the V12 NetOpt Product Sheet